It’s Up To Us – Campaign



Last month the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast (SJASC) launched ‘It’s Up To Us’ campaign.  

The aim?  To fund a much needed two-bedroom transitional unit for those in desperate need of shelter. 

The goal? $100,000, by the end of the year. 

Every week SJA volunteers are called upon to find emergency accommodation for individuals or families otherwise living in cars or on the street. In the absence of any adequate government provision, they called upon the community to help them tackle the shire’s homelessness crisis. 

The community not only listened, it has reacted with extraordinary speed and generosity. In little over a month, local businesses and residents have contributed $54,791.22, more than half the target.

Mick Brosnan, co-chair of the SJA could not be more delighted.  “It’s so rewarding to find that our community understands how dire the situation is and that it is up to us to act when government won’t.”  

Workers at the front line of the crisis could not be happier, not only that the problem that has been overwhelming them is being properly aired, but that the community is so prepared to help.  They are confronted every day by the distress caused by homelessness. The message they would like to deliver is that homelessness is everyone’s problem.  It can happen to anyone.

In an unprecedented move, they have combined to throw their weight behind Its’ Up To Us by organising a Sleep On It, a challenge to rough it for the night at the Bega Showgrounds on October 22. All proceeds will go to the campaign.  They hope to raise $25,000.

Why not join them? Food stalls, live music, and the 20 tokens to buy the essentials will help you through the night. To register go to   

If you aren’t up to the challenge yourself, then please sponsor someone who is, or you can also donate directly to ‘Its Up to Us’ BSB 633000; 151382090

Halfway there means halfway more to go.  We can’t do this on our own!!