Your donations to the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast are very much appreciated by the SJA and of course the people who are assisted by our work. Those people include the homeless, bushfire survivors, our Indigenous people, and all the disadvantaged people across our Shire.

The SJA operates at a grass roots level. All those who work with the SJA are volunteers. Our overheads are extremely low. 99% of what you donate will go directly to those in need.

You can rightly feel confident that your donations in support of disadvantaged people in the Bega Valley could not be better spent.

Your donations are fully tax deductible.

You can select which sub-group of the SJA you wish to donate to. If you choose to leave it to us to decide where money is most needed at any time, simply select ‘General Advocacy’

Thank you so much, on behalf of the SJA and all the people in the Bega Valley.”

If you find on checkout that you donated to an area different than you had chosen, or a different amount, or wanted to donate also to another area, you can return to the “Donate” link in the menu bar, then Donate again to a new area, View your cart in order to correct errors, and only then move to Checkout.

On the other hand, if when you have completed the Donate page and move on to Checkout, and find all is well, you can checkout immediately, without coming back to View your cart.


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