Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly.                             We need to ACT NOW.

We are experiencing the significant impacts of climate change, which include changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, devastating bushfires and more extreme weather events. The greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and continue to rise. They are now at their highest levels in history.

Community groups like ours can implement practical actions that prevent, mitigate or reduce exposure to climate impacts by helping their community and regions adapt and become more resilient under a changing climate. 

The Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast believe that “Thinking globally while acting locally” is how we approach our various initiatives and projects. Our local collective actions we believe do make difference. 

FORCES FOR NATURE (FFN) OBJECTIVES:                                                                                  


  • put climate change at the heart of everything we do: in work, as a parent, as a consumer, as a citizen.
  • inform and educate our community about climate change and the associated impacts
  • support a just transition from coal, oil and gas to a renewable-energy future 
  • grow a grassroots movement demanding climate change action through community led solutions to the climate crisis
  • end Native forest logging in NSW 
  • provide support, mentoring for the Youth Initiatives group 
  • shut down Zombie development applications  
  • have many everyday conversations about climate change


The Forces for Nature group’s vision is:

  • for a fairer world where communities can thrive and where we are all safe from the impacts of climate change.
  • to accelerate emissions reduction through promoting and creating more renewable energy projects while supporting and advocating for science-based targets to keep the goal of the Paris Agreement of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees of warming within reach.

FFNs proudest moments to date include:  

  • 2 x Envision solar group buys in Pambula where over 60 local residents bought solar panels for their homes. A free solar install was given to Pambula Surf Life Savings Club by Lakeside Electrical as part of this group buy 
  • SJASC Donated solar panels to Panboola Wetlands
  • Supported Lumen Christi schools solar installation
  • Coordinating the many working bees at Potoroo Palace, Black Duck Foods and other local environmental groups.
  • Promoting and educating the Bega Valley Shire about eliminating single use plastics and alternative options in Pambula and Merimbula
  • Running information sessions/ screenings about Fracking, Zombie developments and other environmental issues
  • Supporting the Youth Climate Action group and Bob Brown Foundation with student marches and educational activities.
  • Being waste warriors at various festivals and fundraising events: significantly reducing  waste reaching landfill

FFN initiatives and projects in 2024:

  • Renewable energy project in Pambula and surrounds for resilience and adaptation
  • Campaign at the local council elections in September for candidates who believe in and support positive actions on climate change.
  • Support for Youth Initiative group
  • More working bees supporting local environmental groups
  • Grant writing for projects
  • Fundraising activities as required

If you are interested in joining our Forces For Nature group then please email our for contact details.

The FFN sub group was formed in 2019 and believes that the climate and ecological crisis is the most important crucial issue facing the world today. This group believes that ‘thinking globally while acting locally’ is the best strategic approach to motivating people to act on climate change, and that it will be ecology, not economy, that will decide what the future will look like. The climate and ecological emergency requires urgent attention NOW. Actively striving for 100% renewable energy by 2030 is the group’s target that will drive our activities for the next decade.

How FFN will get to 100% renewable energy:

  •  Have clear, constructive and achievable targets.
  • Advocate for climate generosity, where the community supports the local council and governments to move towards a clean renewable energy future: solar group buys, gifting solar panels to community groups, low interest finance, power purchase agreements, fundraising, and education through festivals, expos and grant writing.
  • Partner with the local community and relevant organisations to inspire and facilitate projects that transition to clean renewable sources of energy. This will involve reducing consumption, enabling energy generation, storage and sharing.
  • Solar installations at residential, community and commercial properties will continue working alongside local contractor Lakeside Electrical.
  • Promote local, independent secure power supply through renewable energy sources.
  • Publicise and advertise how our regional economy will be stimulated by these solar installations, and jobs will be created from this development.
  • Organise information evenings, festivals and expos to discuss and learn about ways to cut emissions, boost renewable energy possibilities and showcase the great sustainable initiatives already occurring in the shire.
  • Work alongside the BVS waste management team to: reduce single use plastic waste, promoting FOGO (Food organic, green organic) and compostable products, while educating about how wasted food is the world’s third biggest carbon emitter.

Recap of FFN achievements in 2020 +

*Individual Rooftop Solar

1) Envision 1: Solar install on 30 rooftops by local business Lakeside Electrical. When the target of 30 was reached Lakeside Electrical donated a free system and install to Pambula Surf Life Saving Club

2) Envision 2: FFN now has over 23 individuals wanting to get solar installed and once we reach 30 installs, there will be another free install going to Youthlands at Jigamy Farm. (Youthlands is a camp open to all youth across the shire) 

*Single Use Plastic (SUP) subgroup of FFN. The SUP group visited all retail businesses in Pambula. This group advocates for the elimination of single use plastic use in business. We targeted the 5 most prolific plastics including:

1) Takeaway food containers & utensils
2) Shopping bags
3) Cups and lids
4) Straws
5) Drink bottles

To help minimise the purchasing of single use plastic water bottles the FFN applied for a Bega Valley Shire Waste Grant and installed a water refill station in Pambula village.

One of the challenging aspects of this project was understanding labels: What does  Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable mean?

BLERF Grant application

*FFN and SJA applied for the recent BLERF GRANT (Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund).

This is an application for 150 recovery & resilience packages for fire affected residents across the BVS. This package includes: the installation of  22,500 litre water tank, roof top solar and hot water, pumps & associated hoses, plumbing, delivery and excavation . Successful applicants will be notified in June 2021.

FFN in 2021

In 2021, FFN moved towards encouraging local businesses to move towards a clean, affordable renewable energy in solar. FFN worked with other local climate groups to power the BVS with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

  1. Complete Envision 2
  2. Develop & implement a proposal in conjunction with Lakeside Electrical to increase roof top solar in Commercial premises.

Sue McGee, Sue Boyton, Adrienne Andrews, Ann Wykes volunteered to help with these initiatives

Other activities included:

  1. Working alongside SWAMP ( Sustainable water actions Merimbula Pambula) to pump treated effluent to farmers inland and reuse options for this water.
  2. Revisiting and supporting Pambula businesses who are transitioning from plastic/petroleum based products to using compostable plant based/FOGO friendly products.
  3. Encouraging Merimbula businesses to move to NO SUP & award a sticker for those who already comply.

’ve been working behind the scenes assisting The Youth Climate action group and liaising with our FFN group and Conservation council trying to distribute Climate Action Now signs prior to the Federal election.

Firstly, congratulations to Zoe Pentin, Bianca and the Youth Climate Action group in your wonderful organisation of the recent student climate strike in Bega. The event was well organised with a risk assessment completed and safety sorted too. Thanks to Robyn and Steve Kesby, Lotte Erickson and Pam Owen as Climate Marshals for the event. Thanks also Peter Skelton for your mobile microphone and speaker.

The highlight I believe was the passionate student speeches and the obvious deep concern and anxiety that they all feel about climate inaction. I feel incredibly proud of Zoe and her team but also really sad that they can’t just be young people enjoying life and having fun.

It was also wonderful to see that there were many adults at the strike in-support of the students.

Zoe and Bianca organised the climate strike in association with the School strike 4 climate  group who were coordinating these strikes across many of the major towns and cities in Australia. It was fantastic to see the likes of Bega listed with Sydney, Melbourne, Lismore and other significant Australian cities and towns.

‘Climate Action Now’ stickers below will be available for free from the Switchfoot cafe in Pambula soon. The Conservation Council are sending us a large box via Eva at Switchfoot Boardstore Pambula so go along and ask for one and display it please, ideally in a really visual place. How wonderful will it be to see these signs up in shop fronts, on cars, caravans and homes? 

With the up and coming Federal election about to be called there has never been a better time to highlight the climate crisis and make sure that climate issues are front and centre in the minds of voters.

Real Climate action is needed NOW.

We need deep, sustained and immediate emission reductions THIS DECADE if we have any hope of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees. That means, we have to start now. This is the critical decade.

So great is my climate concern that I participated in-the online Getup session whilst on the road last week. Jo Dodds attended representing the Bushfire survivors for Climate action group as did other concerned Getup supporters. The discussion looked at what can be done in Eden Monaro area, a bellwether seat to ensure the candidate is an advocate for strong climate actions. Please contact Getup if you’d like to support them in their climate activities prior to the election.

I’m often told that I shouldn’t be political as I’m the Convenor for SJA Forces for Nature Group… my answer to that is…..

“It’s not political to want clean drinking water, clean air and a healthy environment… it’s common sense.” When you come to understand that everything is connected, that you are a part of nature, defending the natural world becomes an act of self-defence.

Our FFN group has also been supporting the Ben Boyd Light to Light community Action Group, who have asked: “if your concerned about the commercialisation of National Parks then help stop this inappropriate development in the Ben Boyd National Park. NSW National Parks plans to build extensive urban accommodation complexes at Mowarry Point and Hegarty’s Bay within Ben Boyd National Park. More information about who to write to is outlined in a recent email sent out to all SJA members and advertised on SJA Facebook.

Although not there in person, I’m still working hard behind the scenes as I believe that nature underpins everything on this planet. Without a healthy ecosystem we have nothing… we are guaranteed to have more extinction, more health issues, more bushfires and devastating weather events. Let’s hope that we can turn this around?

Wendy Wait

SJA Convenor FFN group

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