Your becoming a member of the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast directly benefits all the disadvantaged people who are assisted by our work, be they homeless, bushfire survivors, our Indigenous communities, refugees. Anybody in need.

The SJA operates at a grass roots level. All those who work with the SJA are volunteers. Our overheads are extremely low. 99% of your membership dues will go directly to those in need. As such, membership dues are virtually donations.

Membership is just $5 per annum.

As a paid up member of the SJASC you will be contributing to worthy causes, invited to meetings, and you will have a voice in the organisation. You will receive news and updates, notification of events, and more.

Thank you so much, on behalf of the SJA and all the people in the Bega Valley.

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SJA Membership:

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