Update on Activities

Hi folks ,
I hope we are all well after what was such an inclusive and successful Wanderers festival .
******.  Apart from some fabulous music , including and especially locals , this really exceeded my expectations esp with its treatment and engagement of the young people .
Congratulations to the organisers and ALL the volunteers , many members of the SJA of whom I am so very proud , working hard to ensure the green credentials of the festival.
Bring on Wanderers 2023 !,,

******. Today a very significant meeting was held at SEWACS Youth office to establish a management committee to operate  the 5 established community units and the hopefully three more ( or four !,) .
This initiative of Kylie Furnell and her team will enable protocols  for the rent and operation of the units that will cross over all service providers within our shire .

As an extension of the Sleep On It fund raising campaign , the uniting of these service providers continues and in fact this represents a full circle from  fund raising , through unit establishment to operation .
These are truly community units as established through the SJASC , but now jointly managed by a community organisation.

Thank you to Sara Williams who will represent our SJA members on this committee which will operate as a sub group , or extension of , our Homeless/ Housing committee.
It will act within our operations and will seek to formalise the financial aspects of these units , with our treasurer and bookkeeper .
PS -The units of course are insured through our policies .

More details as this committee establishes itself .

Our FFN works hard to raise awareness of the climate crisis and here is another opportunity to further this advocacy .
The music stage ( often known as  Beryl ) , with which we are operating partners with Rotary Club of Pambula , will be there .
Please use the link below for information about the Eternity Festival 2022 (October 16)

Mick Brosnan