Supporting Teacher Training


Dear Advocates, Donors & Supporters

We want to let you know how valuable your support for our student teachers has been and let you know how they have done. 

Timor wasn’t spared in the global covid pandemic but coped very well with their quarantine and vaccination programs. The district lockdowns and later the damage by storms disrupted access to Baucau Institute and at times, access to schools. But the Timorese were adaptable, running tutorials with WhatsApp. Still, some of our students struggled to complete their course work this year for the first time since our program began over ten years ago.

In her latest newsletter from the Baucau Institute where our scholarship holders attend, academic, Margie Beck reported:

“On Monday 22nd November, Licenciate (4th Year degree course) students began studying their first unit – Research Methodology. 

There were 70 students in this group. Many of these are teaching in schools across the country, but 46 were third-year students who had just completed their Bachelor’s course. So many of them are being supported by you, and I cannot express my gratitude for your generosity and willingness to find the money to pay for this course. In these times, fundraising is challenging, yet anyone I approached was happy to try to find the money for a scholarship. 

All donors are mentioned in every Mass and weekly prayers, so know you are being blessed from East Timor!”

Currently there are a couple of candidates attending the entrance exam and interviews so we’re waiting to hear the outcomes and the guidance of the Natarbora Education Commission before we decide how many scholarships will be supported next year. 

Attached is a photo of Petronila who recently graduated.

Again, thanks for your faithful support.
Kind regards
David Gallan

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