Social Justice Advocates says Yes for a Voice

Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast is in solidarity with the campaign for an indigenous Voice in Parliament.

This campaign is basic to all Australians . 

Any communications that promote YES 23 is paramount for us in the Bega Valley Shire. 

Little is more important for our Indigenous Issues group and all SJA members .

Many of us have signed and the Indigenous Issues subgroup is on board with the SJA Bega branch; the local YES campaign is about to be launched at the Candelo market on July 2nd . 

How can you take part? Join the Yes23 Campaign.

Order your T-Shirt and a sign via the store. Putting up a sign can increase the likelihood of your neighbours backing the voice by up to 30%!

Donate to help the Campaign fundraise for our first round of flyers, T-Shirts, and corflutes. 

Attend a local Yes23 event to meet other volunteers.

Follow @yes23au on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Like and share to amplify our messaging.

Use the resources page on the website to begin campaigning early!

Have a conversation with your friends, family, and community about why you’re voting Yes. 

Be patient. The referendum is around 4-5 months away. Be ready. When the time comes to volunteer we have to give it our all if we want to win. The polls favour us. But it will be up to our 10,000s of volunteers to ensure victory. Together for yes!

Yes23 Campaign