SJA YG MEETING MINUTES: 13 Sep 2023, CWA Pambula
Apologies: Juliet F, Toby J, Mick B
Present: Freya Occleshaw, Jacob Shields, Poppy Collins, Pete Gorton, Peter Reid, Gavin Bell,
Wendy Wait
SJA YG Worker Payments
All confusion eliminated. Timesheets to be sent through fortnightly and activity description to
mirror grant language.Superannuation will get paid quarterly.
***Youth Workers fill in timesheets, TFN Dec, Super Dec
***Youth Workers to elect tax free threshold or not.
Parliament 17 Oct
Sydney trip: Youth hostel booked for 24 participants 18+.
MC from within CTA. Seeking moderator for Panel: Peter Reid kindly backing up.
***Wendy to ask Mick about her helo driving bus
***Jacob use contacts to get in touch with potential high profile moderators – Stan Grant, Zoe
Daniels, Patricia Karvelas
***Jacob create media releases as per plan
***Freya, Poppy, Jacob pin down a videographer
***All CTA, create Parliament home page
***Freya create poster
***Jacob plan and complete promo trip
The future of Crunchtime
More grants needed for Crunchtime. This was endorsed by PG, PR WW – Gav had taken leave
at this stage unfortunately. Many opportunities for grants which CTA will go for under SJA
Auspices. LONG TERM: Setting up own tax deductible status: formal fundraising and record
keeping for a few years: create an audit trail.
***Poppy, Jacob, Freya to network with Fire to Flourish (community building post fire, linked to
Monash Uni) in first step to winning grant for 20k
YG Expenses
Easiest way is for you to incur the expense. Expenses from Crunch time tour and Sydney trip
to Parliament: Write it down and seek reimbursement via email, receipts.
Ensure ‘SJAYG reimbursement of expenses’ appears at top of email
***ALL CTA collate receipts and request reimbursement
Youth climate Action Group
Toby trialling his position for. 2 weeks. If unrealistic, disperse hrs or find another employee.
***Toby to report experience next meeting
Women at Wapengo Wetlands
Poppy leading excellently. First Women’s Day workshop, 11 Nov.
***Poppy to pursue Greening Australia
Succession and Pan-School SJA group
***Jacob to craft initial plan
***Jacob to arrange Principal meetings for early next term
Hall booked! 😉