Parents Pledge for Climate Action

Make the parents pledge
to use and grow your personal power, between now and the federal election,
to influence your community to vote on climate, and
to ask all political candidates to act on climate.

Join our very active, private Facebook group where members stay in touch with each other, to share information and ideas.

We have active local groups around Australia where you can meet up with like minded parents to take action together. Reach out to me to find out how to find your tribe. Email

With the recent IPCC report there has never been a more important time to connect with others and get climate active.

WELCOME EVENT: Wednesday 18th August at 8PM.

Please register for this Zoom session by clicking on this link, after you register you will receive zoom access details.

In this interactive session we will explore everything you need to know to be informed and empowered on how you can respond to climate change:

  • AP4CA Introduction – Who we are 
  • Our Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values
  • The Commitments we seek
  • Climate Change – The Facts & Solutions
  • AP4CA Strategic Vehicles for Change – What we do
  • How can you and your friends can get involved?

I hope to meet you virtually this Wednesday.

Laura, Australian Parents for Climate Action

National Community Organiser and Volunteer Coordinator

‘We are stronger together, than we are alone’ – Walter Payton

Australian Parents for Climate Action

Here’s the full pledge: 

Parent’s Pledge for Climate Action 

I pledge to use my voice and my power, between now and the federal election, to influence my community to use our vote for strong action on climate. 

As a parent, I need the Australian Federal Government to embrace a just transition to a climate safe future, in line with the science, to protect my child’s wellbeing and chances for prosperity.

Sign here: