Invitation: Homelessness Week events @Ricky’s Place and the Pantry

Hello SJA, the coming week is National Homelessness Week.

As you would know Ricky’s Place and the Sapphire Community Pantry have many customers who are experiencing both food insecurity and “rooflessness” – they might not all be living on the streets, but they are living in unsatisfactory housing, insecure housing, escaping domestic violence, or couch-surfing.

Ill-health, including poor dental hygiene frequently go hand-in-hand with homelessness and poverty. (Note: the following event had already occured by the time this was posted. We include it so you can see the breadth of work we do.) This coming Monday at Ricky’s Place between 12 and 2pm, we will be offering free blood pressure and blood sugar testing, along with health information for our diners. As well, each diner will receive a goody bag of soap, shampoo, shavers, mouth wash, sanitisers from the Pantry, as well as dental products (courtesy of the Bega Valley dentists and denture clinics). The testing will be carried out by Sue Mackinnon of Bega Valley Medical Practice, and her daughter, a fourth-year medical student. Staff from Mission Australia and other services will also be in attendance to provide advice and assistance.

On Thursday, from 11am to 2pm at the Pantry at 2 Peden Street, Bega, we will be running a free BBQ and again giving out goody bags.

We would love to have you and your colleagues come to one or both of these events, to meet our customers and our volunteers, and to see our work. And of course, to enjoy a delicious meal with us.

Sapphire Community Pantry, Thursday 10 August- free BBQ, from 11am to 2pm – 2 Peden Street, Bega

We look forward to seeing you.

Christine Welsh
Tel 0438 407 364

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