Housing Report – 12 May 2022

Hi Folks 

# The deposit has been paid and we are buying the first of what might be four / six crisis  units . Two bedroom units with bathroom and kitchenette. Delivery expected last week of May.

Sites at the Pambula Reflections recreation park have been finalised with Reflections parks management and the details of lease and costs to be finalised soon. Likewise with land at the Bega Uniting Church site where we have been negotiating to have two more of our SJA units. 

Council has determined that a DA is required for these units and the agreement for the site use is to be finalised with in principle agreement well in place. Still looking at land in Eden so need help with this please. 

# With more than  $153 ,000 raised through the It’s Up To Us  campaign we are now implementing the purchase as above to honour all those generous folks in our community who want to see crisis accommodation in our shire.

# the Bega Seventh Day Adventist community is very keen to extend their association with the SJA by assistance with the It’s Up To Us campaign. 

Keen to help set up the furnishings and presentation of each unit and maybe more! 

This Church donated six caravans through over $65,000 in the wake of the fires. 

Fabulous result of a talk with the group last Thursday. 

# the crisis SJA caravans are still being delivered in conjunction with the housing providers .The most recent this Tuesday.

# One very generous local has donated a camper trailer valued at over $10,000 for the SJA to sell . Again our community shines as this single act of huge generosity is repeated so often in our shire.

# Our new  council has approved  the development of social housing units in Cobargo at a recent/meeting.

# The SJA continues to advocate for and totally support the Anglicare plan for the Nullica Lodge facility . This will provide over aged and disability accommodation also retaining the really comprehensive facility within our community needs.

# The Affordable Housing Strategy which has been finalised will be put to council for adoption in two weeks time.

SJASC is a member of the management committee and we are very hopeful that implementation of this strategy will start to see really meaningful action to alleviate the crisis that is so evident throughout our shire community.

# We are still collecting small amounts of furniture for distribution but it is very noticeable that the demand for this gear has lessened as the supply of rental accommodation has collapsed. 

# The next round of fire sheds and sanitation units ( bathrooms ) is about to be rolled out . Thanks to a Rotary Cub of Pambula federal government grant this will assist 14 folks return to their property. 

YES you read that correctly.

We still have 70 plus caravans out on these two and half year old fire grounds .!!!!!!!!!


The Bega Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund ( BVCDRF ) is reviewing its four distributions of the some $ 800,000 following the disastrous fires.

We will be presenting our report and seeking then to extend this fund in readiness for the next natural disaster.

Having been established as a partnership signed in January 2020 between SJASC and the BVSC, we are now well prepared with protocols and charter compared with when the 2019/20 disastrous fire devastated our shire.

Take care 

Mick Brosnan