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Good News Week

Good morning Advocates,

A message from Mick:

It’s good news week folks —

We have been advocating for minorities,  indigenous , and refugees and asylum seekers since our SJA inception . 

 ***** Now our Prime Minister has recognised the Uyghurs minority in China. 

He and the government have made a stand to recognise the potential genocide of this persecuted  minority .- at least gross incarceration and “re conditioning“.

The exciting corollary is that maybe our indigenous , our refugees and asylum seekers And ALL MINORITIES will find renewed recognition and support in…


Well, I live in continual HOPE for these long discriminated minorities and our first Australians 

We all hope this recognition and associated action might be significant as we work with our local indigenous and lobby such matters as 474 deaths in custody  since the royal commission, AND welcome refugees to our shire hopefully early in the new year !!!! 

Enjoy every day folks ; especially enjoy a peaceful and reflective family Christmas period .


Mick Brosnan

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