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Hello all members and supporters of the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast ( SJA )

I thought it appropriate to introduce myself, as incoming Chair of the SJA, to all the members who were unable to attend the July 13 AGM.

My name is Peter Reid and I have lived at Pambula Beach for the past twenty years.

A friend introduced me to Mick and Gavin when I was seeking support for a music scholarship program for Indigenous kids at Bega Valley High Schools.  I was astounded by  their immediate and positive response. Clearly they were practicing what they preach…………”What can I do? How may I help?”

I soon joined  the Indigenous Issues sub-group and saw, across the SJA, every day folk working away to assist the less fortunate in our community and beyond.

At the 2022 SJA AGM, when the call went out for someone to step up as Treasurer, I asked “What does being Treasurer involve?” Next thing I knew I was Treasurer of the SJA !

By then Gavin and Mick were looking for someone to take over the role of Chair.

I offered to assist in the quest to find a new Chair. We searched for a replacement The process we  undertook to find a new Chair wasn’t successful, so I asked Mick whether he had a plan B. Well he did, and it turned out I was Mick’s plan B. Echoes of my rise to Treasurer !

So, come the 2023 AGM and there I was, installed as SJA Chair.

I say to all members of the SJA that I applaud your work and will do my best to support you.
I see the sub-groups of the SJA as the key to its success in getting things done.

I see the role of the Office Holders as making sure the SJA complies with its obligations as a registered NFP organisation, thus enabling the sub-groups to focus on their work.

I am currently talking with the sub-group Convenors so as to better understand their goals and how to best support them.

The SJA is an  amazing organisation. I am proud to be a part of it. I applaud all the members of the SJA, all the Sub-Group Convenors, all the Office Holders and helpers. You all do such brilliant work for the good of our community. You inspire me.

I am confident that with your support, and the support of the Office Holders, the SJA can continue to advocate so effectively for the rights of all the people of the Bega Valley and beyond.

Finally……………..Mick Brosnan, Gavin Bell and John Liston………the founders of the SJA………what an incredible achievement. Well done Sirs!  We walk in your footsteps, inspired by your generous spirits and boundless energy. Thank you!

Peter Reid