Good morning SJA members

1) Ross Williams of the Bega Sub-Group recently introduced me to Jane Gordon.

Jane, a member of the SJA,  is an author, playwright and film maker who lives in Tanja.

She is currently working to finish a film co-written and co-directed by Djiringannj Elder Warren Foster Snr.

The film, titled ‘LOST’,  addresses the First Nations peoples recognition debate currently being played out across Australia.

The story is about two families, two cultures and two boys. The sub-context is about listening, and walking together into the future.

Jane and Warren are very proud of the film, which brings together a local cast and crew with an even mix of Djiringannj people and others. The film was shot locally at Wallaga Lake.

They hope to get the film out this year but require funding for some final post production work.

Jane and Warren have made a brief overview of the film, which you can view by clicking on the link below:

That page also has a ‘donations please’ button.

Jane and Warren are happy to have SJA members contact them to discuss any further details or ask questions about this and other related projects, at

Just thought you might be interested.

“What can I do…how may I help?”

Cheers all

Chairperson Pete

2) SJA are looking for native plants to help beautify and complete the landscape work around the three units in Bega .
Work to start in October .
Looking for medium shrubs , low shrubs a few trees and veggies for the vegetable gardens to be established
Citrus also
Help to carry out the work also MOST WELCOMED.
email mick at or phone 0410 697 229

3) STAND Up and walk forYES 23 .

To all SJA members and Sunday 17th Walk event participants.

Thanks so very much for all your collective work to make Sunday’s Walk event such a fabulous and positive experience .
Not only because of numbers, but clearly also because of the active involvement of so many local indigenous .

I thank and acknowledge the generous offer to use the Keeping Place to hold such an auspicious event .
—- Absolutely so very fitting .
As BJCruse generously said in his welcome , we are welcomed together as a community and can live as one together in community.

I think this event heralds a new era in our inclusive engagement and renewed visible respect for our First Nations peoples .

We now know that there are at the very least hundreds of locals prepared to be counted to support our local indigenous and into the future .

Regardless of the result on 14th Oct , this event will always be a staging reference point into the future .
Regardless there will be no looking back .
Regardless the depth of trust is building continuously.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and take a deep breath for the next 26 months
days .

what can I do ????? How may I help ?????


##########.   Bring on GIIYONG Festival and a celebration of a new era for indigenous in our shire and nation with recognition through a VOICE .   ########