FFN Report


FORCES FOR NATURE: SJA Environment group         

Hello to all you wonderfully passionate people who are making a difference and working towards a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Some ideas to share regarding your OWN carbon footprint


SUPPORT businesses who have good environmental ethics like Pambula whole foods and are thoughtful about using compostable packaging in their takeaway food options and who accept your own reusable coffee cup. There are several local cafes who use compostable products that can then go into the green FOGO bin.. but best option for the planet is to BYO cup and take to the cafe. I know that covid has stopped this occurring in some places but actively seek out the ones that have continued to support BYO cups.

JOIN groups like the Pambula beach cares community through PB CARES Facebook page and or Pambula Our Town Facebook page to support local initiatives like the current Fireweed Blitz in PB: removing fireweed in your area; around your home? your neighbours home? the rental or holiday let homes? along easements and verges? and on firebreak tracks behind houses before the fireweed seeds and spreads. Use gloves as this weed is poisonous & place in a sealed plastic bag and dispose in your red bin.

JOIN and support other local environmental groups like: Pambula Landcare, Panboola, Potoroo Palace, SWAMP( Sustainable water options Merimbula and Pambula); just to name a few local organisations and regularly immerse yourself in our spectacular natural world.

ENCOURAGE friends, neighbours or your own household to invest in roof top SOLAR by taking up our SJA solar group buy in Envision 2 supported by our local Lakeside Electrical. Envision 2 now has 19 confirmed solar installations but we require 30 residents taking up the offer so that Lakeside Electrical will donate a solar installation to another local community organisation; namely Marine Rescue. Please spread the word, if you are interested please contact Karen and Paul Pilacios at Lakeside Electrical Pambula and inform them that you want to be part of the SJA solar group buy. Be a part of the renewable clean energy movement and help reduce your own carbon footprint for a healthier climate and future for all.

CONSIDER your online purchases. DO YOU NEED IT?  Where do my discarded clothing items end up?

CONGRATULATE and Support SJA member Jo Dodds (BVS Councillor) for her win in court recently, forcing the Environmental Protection Authority to take action against climate change by developing objectives, policies and guidelines. Jo Dodds is the President of Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action. Go Jo Dodds we applaud all your efforts and congratulate you on this momentous win in courts for the environment.


Stay informed and READ the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The main take away from this report is that we have a very narrow window to avoid catastrophic climate change where global temperatures and extreme weather conditions will impact significantly on every living thing on this planet of ours BUT only through immediate and sustained emissions reductions and a more considered way of living can we try to improve this. Every choice you make and every fraction of a degree really matters.

JOIN a climate action group: There are plenty to choose from e.g. Clean Energy for Eternity in Tathra, Parents for Climate Action, 2040 Regeneration, One Million Women, Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Bega Climate action mobilisation group Extinction Rebellion Bega….. stay informed and get involved as time is of the essence.

ADVOCATE for a change to friends, family, neighbours. Carefully consider a political stance leading to the next election as Climate change is real and the sooner that we can move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources the healthier our planet will be. Expect our government to make immediate targets to reach 0 nett emissions by 2030. 

Write to BVSC, Matthew Kean (your State Minister for Energy and Environment) and Federal Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley expressing your environmental concerns regarding climate change inaction and sign petitions from reputable organisations such as Green Peace stating that immediate action is urgently required. Demand that our companies who continue to invest in fossil fuels and the biggest energy company AGL clean up their acts – for the health and future of our vulnerable planet. AGL for example are currently planning to run two of its dirtiest coal burning power stations well beyond 2030!!!

What you can do: If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the IPSS news here are some actions you can take (2040 Regeneration group):

Plant a tree/ lots of trees, grow some food, drive less, get solar, compost food waste, share your thoughts on social media, buy organic food, buy less stuff, teach your kids and immerse yourself in the natural world, write to your MP and write again, switch your search engine to Ecosia, send no food waste to landfill, electrify your home( eliminate gas) move your money from any super fund that invest in fossil fuels, buy from regenerative agriculture farmers, prioritize the climate when you vote, don’t offset your emissions ‘onset’ them and give back twice the carbon that you used, sign petitions to protect wetlands and other eco systems, support localisation and circular economy, avoid eating factory farmed, forest destroying meat.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandi and care deeply for this fragile, intricate and special place we call home…. while keeping your glass half full. Don’t succumb to doomsdayers. They are wrong. We got this but we all have to act NOW.

Ann Wykes and Wendy Wait:    SJA Forces for Nature: Secretary and Convenor