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Housing Crisis Fundraiser

Kate and Sam will be fundraising for the month of January to help SJA to buy a small permanent home to assist with the housing crisis.

Kate will be spending an hour everyday in January walking the local walking tracks and picking up rubbish.

Sam will be busking in Pambula, with an assortment of special guests and with all proceeds going to SJA.

The goal is $7,000 but after only two days they have already raised $660!

Please sponsor Kate and Sam by contributing whatever you can to help us achieve this goal – every but counts!

Click on here to check out their GoFundMe and donate!

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Supporting Teacher Training


Dear Advocates, Donors & Supporters

We want to let you know how valuable your support for our student teachers has been and let you know how they have done. 

Timor wasn’t spared in the global covid pandemic but coped very well with their quarantine and vaccination programs. The district lockdowns and later the damage by storms disrupted access to Baucau Institute and at times, access to schools. But the Timorese were adaptable, running tutorials with WhatsApp. Still, some of our students struggled to complete their course work this year for the first time since our program began over ten years ago.

In her latest newsletter from the Baucau Institute where our scholarship holders attend, academic, Margie Beck reported:

“On Monday 22nd November, Licenciate (4th Year degree course) students began studying their first unit – Research Methodology. 

There were 70 students in this group. Many of these are teaching in schools across the country, but 46 were third-year students who had just completed their Bachelor’s course. So many of them are being supported by you, and I cannot express my gratitude for your generosity and willingness to find the money to pay for this course. In these times, fundraising is challenging, yet anyone I approached was happy to try to find the money for a scholarship. 

All donors are mentioned in every Mass and weekly prayers, so know you are being blessed from East Timor!”

Currently there are a couple of candidates attending the entrance exam and interviews so we’re waiting to hear the outcomes and the guidance of the Natarbora Education Commission before we decide how many scholarships will be supported next year. 

Attached is a photo of Petronila who recently graduated.

Again, thanks for your faithful support.
Kind regards
David Gallan

Supported by the sale of coffee
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Housing Crisis

This van was recently moved from a caravan park, as happens in our shire at this time of every year.
The man who has been living in this van was very lucky to find a friend who allowed him to move to her property.

So much more to do for dignified, secure housing in our shire.
The housing crisis is causing huge mental health issues as well as associated loss of self-esteem and loss of hope.
Caravans are only a very temporary solution and the shire needs to demand more substantial secure housing solutions.
This is now more obvious with the renewed flooding following our COVID years and fires.
Hundreds in our shire living in unsuitable temporary accommodation.
AND now the state government is spending $300m on another football stadium upgrade, while the federal government is to spend billions on helicopter upgrades!!!
Let’s prioritise our needs and plan our spending at all levels of government.

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Good News Week

Good morning Advocates,

A message from Mick:

It’s good news week folks —

We have been advocating for minorities,  indigenous , and refugees and asylum seekers since our SJA inception . 

 ***** Now our Prime Minister has recognised the Uyghurs minority in China. 

He and the government have made a stand to recognise the potential genocide of this persecuted  minority .- at least gross incarceration and “re conditioning“.

The exciting corollary is that maybe our indigenous , our refugees and asylum seekers And ALL MINORITIES will find renewed recognition and support in…


Well, I live in continual HOPE for these long discriminated minorities and our first Australians 

We all hope this recognition and associated action might be significant as we work with our local indigenous and lobby such matters as 474 deaths in custody  since the royal commission, AND welcome refugees to our shire hopefully early in the new year !!!! 

Enjoy every day folks ; especially enjoy a peaceful and reflective family Christmas period .


Mick Brosnan

What Can I Do ???????  How May I Help  ????????

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Music Pod

“Let me introduce you to Errol the truck and Beryl the 20 foot container converted to a fully functioning Music Pod.
This has been made possible through the co-operation of the Minderoo Foundation, Social Justice Advocates, Pambula Rotary, The Bendigo Banks of Pambula and Bega and suppliers such as John Moffat, King Smash Repairs and others.
The plan is to be able to transport Beryl to any of the 40-odd towns in our valley, inviting local and other musicians to come together for fun, entertainment and in some cases, fundraisers.
Beryl will make her official debut at the Pambula Markets, Sunday December 12, 2021.
Pictured Mick Brosnan, co-chair of the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast and Colin Dunn representing Pambula Rotary and the Bendigo Bank trying out the set up process.”
Gavin Bell