Can You Write ? Neatly ? A plea from the SJA Chair.

Hello and good morning to all members of the Social Justice Advocates

The SJA issues Certificates Of Appreciation to individuals and organisations  who in one way or another make significant contributions to the community via support for the SJA.

Think of fabulous supporters like Wild Rye’s, Bendigo Bank, Rotary, to name but a few

The Certificates Of Appreciation are an effective means of showing our appreciation and hopefully encouraging more of their much appreciated support.

We have a stock of printed certificates. All we need do is drag some out and write the name of the recipient, the reason the certificate is being issued, and have them signed off by someone in the SJA Executive.

I’d happily handle all this myself, but there is a snag – my handwriting is awful !!

I have tried to write out a couple, but they look terrible. Shoddy. Not worthy.

So, I ask, is there an SJA member out there who believes they have really nice handwriting skills who can make our certificates look smart ??

You don’t need to be a calligrapher, although that would be good. But no, just a nice steady hand and a tiny bit of flair.

Workload is very minimal – I’d guess we hand say 6-8 certificates every six months.  Half an hour per month ?

Any volunteers ?

If you would be happy to help out with this, please contact me at

What can you do? How may you help ? How well do you write ?

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