Bega Valley Advocates for Timor Leste

Bega Valley Advocates appreciate the generosity of their fellow SJA members in contributing funds for the recent storm relief. Over $6000 went toward the emergency relief funds set up by the Carmelite Sisters and PERMTL. 

Nikolas Klau, the Liaison Officer for BVATL, recently visited remote mountain areas in our region of Timor-Leste with local officials to assess damage to crops and water supplies. Up until now, roads were damaged, bridges washed away and the district was in Covid lockdown. While the Barique-Natarbora sub-district was not impacted as heavily from the April storms as the capital, the water supply installed by the Advocates at Barique several years ago was wrecked by a landslide. In remote Camedar one house was lost in a tornado and four farmers lost their gardens in landslides.

Quotes for the repairs from Nikolas include:

water supply: polypipe, sand, cement & transport US$ 725

house materials: roof sheeting, nails, transport  US$ 200

farm supplies: rice, corn, seedlings, transport  US$ 370

Total: US$ 1295

Any assistance with funding from SJA towards this would be welcome. Thanks to Gavin & Mick for their guidance with this in past discussions.

David Gallan