A Call to Action

Hands off Ben Boyd: Wilderness, Not Buildings

Hi all,
A call to action… if you’re concerned about the commercialisation of National Parks, then help stop this inappropriate development in the Ben Boyd National Park now. Please share widely, call, write to MPs outlined below.


G’Day Ben Boyd Light to Light community Action Group, here is an opportunity to take some action

Below is some text for a potential flyer. The Green Cape Fishing Alliance has been working on these for a little while. (See story here.) We would like to get these flyers completed to create greater awareness in the broader community, particularly as the Fishos are planning some direct action soon. Below is the latest version of text for a potential flyer – I have suggested two banner headlines:

HANDS OFF BEN BOYD – Wilderness NOT Buildings


KEEP THE CAPE WILD – No urban development in Ben Boyd.

Hands Off is good because it links to other campaigns – fighting the same fight. KEEP THE CAPE WILD – No urban development in Ben Boyd. The Fishos are very attached to this version because we know the place as ‘The Cape’ and we want it kept wild – that’s a major component of its attraction.

The reference to urban development calls out these huts as being simply accommodation units – which they are. (Australia currently has 5.25 million accommodation facilities – we dont need them in our Parks!). It highlights the way humans want to change the natural world to make it more comfortable for people; it is the citification of the natural world that demonstrates a lack of care for wild places anthe plants and animals that depend upon them to survive. We should be valuing Wilderness for what it is. It is also becoming more and more rare, hence more valuable.

Let me know your thoughts community members

HANDS OFF BEN BOYDWilderness NOT Buildings.   

NSW National Parks plans to build extensive urban accommodation complexes at Mowarry Point and Hegarty’s Bay within Ben Boyd National Park.

This development will degrade wilderness values and it will diminish the sense of remoteness. It will also have a significant and direct negative environmental impact on these precious sites. Our alliance believes that the development of accommodation complexes is unnecessary and will greatly diminish the value of the National Park.

We also believe NSW Parks is acting illegally to facilitate this development. The proposed development also offers little to the local community and local businesses will be negatively impacted.

Ask NSW Ministers or National Parks Managers the following:             

How much will it cost to stay in these ‘huts’?

Who wants these extensive accommodation buildings and why?

Do they intend to lease these accommodation complexes to a private provider in the future?

How does this major and invasive construction contribute to the protection of landscapes and vulnerable species within the park?

Our alliance consists of ordinary Australians concerned about the future of our National Parks; we are bushwalkers, fishos, conservationists, hikers and ordinary people who like camping. We all share concerns about the commercialisation of OUR parks. It appears that corporate profits and political party interests are benefitting at great cost to the environment and to local communities.

Act now to stop inappropriate development; contact some or all of the following:
James Griffin, NSW Environment Minister, manly@parliament.nsw.gov.au 
(02) 99762773

Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, 
(02) 85746150

Atticus Fleming, Deputy Secretary, National Parks And Wildlife Service 

Kane Weeks, Director, South Coast Branch, National Parks and Wildlife Service 

Cheers Wendy
Convenor, SJA Forces for Nature group